btcer.fi: Truly decentralized staking. Keep your keys. Build the network.


Many delegated staking solutions have been built before btcer.fi. We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone building in the space. They've inspired and motivated us.

We believe decentralized, non-custodial staking is an essential and foundational good for Bitcoin. There is a need for various solutions that serve many users and purposes.

We want to give particular shootouts to the teams that built RocketPool, StakeWise, Diva and Lido. We are fans and have learned a lot from your work.


We take our ethics seriously and want the community to hold us accountable for living up to the following:

  1. Decentralization is a primary objective. We will never compromise on the non-custodial and decentralized nature of the protocol. Stakers must maintain control of their BTC.

  2. The btcer.fi protocol is a real business with a sustainable revenue model. We’re in this for the long haul. We think and plan on the scale of decades.

  3. We will do the right thing for the Bitcoin community, always. If and when we mess up, we will own it and course correct quickly.

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