Why Choose btcer.fi?

Optimize Your Staking and Re-Staking Rewards with Full DeFi Compatibility

Native Re-Staking

With native restaking, your BTC automatically earns staking yields and restaking rewards through Eigenlayer, providing you with greater freedom and enhanced rewards


btcer.fi enhances the decentralization of BTC through Operation Solo Staker, deploying nodes across diverse geographic locations, ensuring a resilient network

Your Keys, Your Coins

Unlike other protocols, btc.fi puts you in control by allowing stakers to retain control of their keys. This reduces counterparty risk associated with node operators and the protocol.

Thriving ecosystem

eBTC is designed for use within DeFi, and btc.fi is actively partnering with a range of DeFi protocols to expand the utility of eBTC, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem.

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